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A speaker who’s done what he preaches

Cutting-edge views, real-life experience and the ability to engage

Matt’s cutting-edge views, real-life experience and ability to engage, educate and inspire a crowd has seen him become a top speaker at numerous high-profile events.

And he’s a speaker that’s walked the talk: building and scaling a customer-led marketing ecosystem locally and globally.

Previous speaking engagements

Ubiquity Lab has also facilitated too many in-house corporates sessions to name, plus a stack of industry events!

Matt has a friendly and engaging speaking style, and he delivers insights about what he knows best:

How to fix marketing’s biggest problem

Content marketing or corporate vomit. Which are you doing?

What inspired brand marketing looks like

How to fuel commercial returns by integrating ‘pull’ and ‘push’ marketing

How purpose
can power profits

Creating valuable customer experiences – underpinned by insights


What people are saying

Testimonial from Damian Francis, Head of Event Content – Mumbrella

Matt has contributed as an industry expert to a number of events. He is one of the foremost experts in content marketing and is always top of mind when it comes to covering the topic. His focus on strategy, not just creativity, is an important differentiator in the market. He’s easy to work with, provides great insights, always achieves great delegate feedback and is very approachable. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Matt as a content marketing expert and I’m sure I’ll be working with him again on future events.

Damian Francis, Head of Event Content – Mumbrella

Testimonial from Justin Kirby, Co-author of The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing

I’d put Matt Allison in the pantheon of Content Marketing thought leaders that includes Ann Handley, Joe Pullizzi, Robert Rose and Andrew Davis.

Justin Kirby, Co-author of The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing

Testimonial from Sarah Mitchell, Australian Editor – Content Marketing Institute

As someone who speaks and attends marketing events all over the globe, Matt’s frank delivery and candid discussion about his experience with content marketing left a lasting memory. It’s easy to get excited about success stories, and Matt has an enviable list of successes to share, but it’s his willingness to reflect on problems and how he solved them I found the most valuable. He’s helped me avoid untold grief over the years.

Sarah Mitchell, Australian Editor – Content Marketing Institute


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