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Q&A with Simone Lenneberg: the purposeful matchmaker

Meet Sim, an expert at identifying an audience's emotional drivers. She talks integrated strategy, purposeful payloads, content marketing and corporate matchmaking.

Simone Lenneberg’s innate ability to identify an audience’s emotional drivers and meld a cohesive paid, owned and earned strategy has seen her become one of Queensland’s most respected content marketers.


The breadth of her 20-year career – spanning content marketing, social media, marketing communication, brand, PR and public affairs – is one of her biggest assets.


She’s recently taken a greenfield gig as the Head of Content and Communication at RSL Queensland, and she’s charged with modernising its content, social and PR offering.


This includes helping people understand what RSL Qld really is – and debunking misconceptions that it’s about pubs and clubs – as well as showcasing the support and services it provides to veterans, and maximising participation in the RSL Art Union, Australia’s largest home lottery.

Part of Sim’s motivation for accepting the role was to show her kids the importance of helping others, which gives you a pretty fair insight in to what drives her.

She previously helped transform Brisbane City Council’s marcomms culture, steering it away from a predominantly paid approach and instead leveraging insights and data to personalise how it engaged with residents.


This included championing engaging content experiences Brisbetter Days Out and
Brisbane: Better Together, which collectively helped position the council as the ‘go-to’ destination for all things to see and do in Brisbane.

Photo of Simone Lenneberg

What do you do?

Some might say I’m in the business of matchmaking. At the heart of it, I focus on finding the best ‘content match’ to build a deep emotional connection with a specific audience.

This means creating the optimum piece of content, for the right person, in the most relevant channel, at the right time.


Just like a successful and long-lasting relationship, the connection needs to be underpinned by authenticity and trust, as well as identifying your audience’s emotive drivers, behaviours, wants and needs.


In a practical sense, at RSL Qld we’re creating a universal view of our audiences and adopting a truly integrated approach to our marketing activity with a purposeful payload.


My team focus on enhancing our content marketing to build better brand awareness, growing our social communities and creating purposeful connections with veterans and their families to help them build better lives.

Website of Brisbane City Council
Brisbetter Days Out is a best in class example of content marketing that meets an audience and commercial need.

What mantra are you living by this year?

Given that I kickstarted 2021 in a new role, my theme is new beginnings: learning new things, taking on new challenges and finding new ways to help people.


I’m also challenging my lack of coordination in a physical sense by taking up paddleboarding and learning the drums. The beauty of the world today is that it’s never too late to learn new tricks! Or at least have fun trying.

What’s the most important thing that marketers can do to drive commercial outcomes?

I’ll give you three.


Do fewer things extremely well; I’d pick quality content over quantity any day of the week.


Truly understand your customer’s journey through every touchpoint of your business.

And most importantly, identify the clear air for your brand and content to play in, so that it sits at that perfect junction between your customer’s wants and needs, the commercial outcomes, and the competitive landscape you operate within.

What’s a cracking book you’d recommend or podcast you swear by?

I love Sarah Wilson’s This One Wild and Precious Life. It takes you on the journey of her nomadic adventures, with observations about people she meets and the common things that connect us.


I also recommend Excerpts from Experts: Marketing. I particularly love this quote by Cheryl Calverley, CEO of Eve Sleep: “For every hour you spend looking at data, spend at least two with other people… Get close to people’s actual lives, the ones you never see on Instagram or the TV, and create a ‘big data set’ for your gut instinct.”

Header image of Sarah Wilson's book titled This one wild and precious life

Who are your go-to thought leaders, and why?

My best teachers are the people around me, particularly the talented people I’ve been lucky to work with throughout my career, and my two gorgeous children, Jack and Sophie.


I’ve also learnt a tremendous amount from the one and only Matt Allison throughout the years.

Our favourite qu: What’s your top beer or wine recommendation?

A well-mixed cocktail never escapes my attention, particularly a nicely done margarita. And I’m always up for a sneaky pinot.


Lately, I’ve also been exploring the myriad fabulous brands that are offering a new twist on non-alcoholic beverages, including Melbourne-based NON and Swedish company Gnista.


They deliver all the delicious flavour of a spirit, without the calories or alcohol hit. (Sorry Matt, I know this recommendation will disappoint you!)

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