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Q&A with Nidhi Rajan: the data and digital intrapreneur

Meet Nids, an analytics guru with a passion for data. Here she talks about understanding a client’s why, leveraging insights, and the marketing legacy of Steve Jobs.

Nidhi – or Nids to those who know her – is an end-to-end data and digital marketing force.


She began her career as a web designer for a digital marketing start-up in Singapore, but it wasn’t long before she rose through the ranks from SEO to performance marketing.


She hustled hard in a pay-per-click agency, securing serious returns for clients on a shoestring!


Even after 12 years both client and agency side, across Singapore and Australia, she hasn’t lost that intrapreneurial approach. And her unique skillset and relentless commercial focus afforded her the pick of market-leading clients including Adairs, Australian Unity, BMW, Beyond Blue, BHP, Flight Centre and Spirit of Tasmania.


Her breadth of knowledge across the often-specialised data and digital marketing space is breathtaking, with experience ranging across paid media and technology and programmatic media buying. 

As someone who’s curious by nature, it’s the way data reveals itself that fascinates Nids. 
Nids, an analytics guru with a passion for data
Nids loves to push her limits - both personally and professionally.

The ability to track spend, performance, user behaviour and engagement with precision is her bread and butter. But it’s also what the data doesn’t show that she can’t let go of – pushing her to find innovative ways to uncover insights.


One such example came when Nids started managing the ecommerce account one of Australia’s well-known homeware brands. She generated a 54 per cent increase in online revenue year-on-year during a key sales period by interpreting complex data sets and leveraging those insights to drive sales.


Similarly, Nids spearheaded the implementation of app analytics tracking for a major online retailer, which enabled the business to better understand, and leverage, user journeys and engagement.


Clients love the way she rolls up her sleeves, gets deep in the data and delivers – along with the fact she doesn’t beat around the bush (safe to say she’s in good company here at ULab!). 

As she puts it: “I’m not here to just talk the talk; I’m here to do the work for clients, get them tangible results or things that they can track.”

And she doesn’t just work hard for her clients! The self-confessed fitness freak is constantly searching for new ways to push her physical limits, too, from HIIT training to F45 and even Latin dancing.

1. What do you do?

I joined ULab as Director of Digital and Performance, to help with digital strategy, measurement, tracking and driving performance.


I didn’t want to be another cog in a typical, slow-moving agency machine – I wanted to work with a disruptive agency where I could really make a difference.


I was drawn to ULab’s commitment to seamlessly integrating data-led content, communications, performance and digital marketing. Other agencies just don’t operate like this. It’s really exciting to play a pivotal role in bringing this integration to life.

I’m working with our existing clients and looking for potential growth opportunities in terms of digital expansion and marketing, and ensuring we join every dot to deliver dynamic, ubiquitous marketing. 
Her curiousity and disruptive thinking enables Nids to spot angles others miss.

2. What mantra are you living by this year?

I have a simple mantra: live and let live.


To me it’s about putting yourself in other people’s shoes and trying to understand where they are coming from before putting your own ideologies out there.


When I’m working with clients, that means listening and really hearing them out. You need to understand the why – and the parameters around that – before putting recommendations together. It’s less of a cookie-cutter approach and much more tailored.

3. What’s the most important thing that marketers can do to drive commercial outcomes?

Listening and really understanding the problem and the goal is necessary as a marketer, and strategy comes after that.


It’s also being clear on whether you’re focused on short- or long-term objectives, and understanding the interdependence between the two. 

Nids is renowned for active listening, and putting herself in other people’s shoes.
Nids is renowned for active listening, and putting herself in other people’s shoes.

4. What’s a cracking book you’d recommend or a podcast you swear by?

I’m not fond of fictional stories, I prefer nonfiction psychology or spirituality books.


One of my all-time favourites is Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss. The author, a skeptical psychotherapist, shares his experience of using past-life therapy on a patient, which goes on to transform both their lives.

I’m also reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which is all about the laws of attraction.

5. Who are your go-to thought leaders, and why?

Steve Jobs has to be my number-one thought leader, even since his passing.

He had the best qualities in terms of presentation skills, and I admired his minimalistic and creative approach.

He knew how to sell a product without making it too flamboyant and jazzy. If you look back on the days when he launched Apple phones – it’s amazing to watch.

6. Our favourite question: what’s your top beer or wine recommendation?

I’m a red wine fan regardless of the season. In winter my go-to is a nice glass of Tempranillo – I’m loving Campo Viejo right now.


And in summer I can’t go past a Lambrusco. It’s equally refreshing and bubbly, and pairs beautifully with pasta.


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