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One hell of a ride: 387 days, two babies, and loving it

Getting to one year old – and being profitable – is a massive achievement. So grab a drink and say cheers as we reflect on Ubiquity Lab’s journey so far.

Matt Allison of Ubiquity Lab with baby Jack in his hands
Me and baby number one, Jack. No prizes for guessing who gets the most attention.

I’ve got to say, August is a ripper month.


It hasn’t always been that way – until recently, it’s been pretty similar to most months.


But a lot changes over a year, and it’s far more important now given it marks the birth of my two babies: Jack in two days, and Ubiquity Lab (ULab) a few weeks ago.

I didn’t realise it was ULab’s birthday until it popped up on my LinkedIn feed a few weeks ago.


Part of the reason I missed it is that we’ve been incredibly busy, which is a lovely problem to have.


Although equally, I think it’s due to how my brain is wired: I like to move fast, and my natural tendency is to focus on, and think about, what’s next.


But this milestone – and writing this yarn – has been an excellent way to pause for a minute, reflect, and celebrate success.

Ubiquity Lab's journey so far

Getting to one year old – and being profitable – is a massive achievement, and we’re chuffed how well the business is tracking.

On ‘we’, that’s another significant milestone. ULab’s been able to secure industry heavyweight Shaun Polidano as an equity partner and our second FTE.


This is a massive achievement. And like me, Shaun shares a vision to help organisations create meaningful experiences, in a way they can monetise.


From an internal perspective, he similarly wants to build a culture where people thrive and are empowered.

Matt Allison smiling to camera with Shaun Polidano at their new office space
Matt (left) and Shaun in our new digs.
We unashamedly have a no dickhe@d rule, and that extends within ULab as well as who we work with.
We had to get the business valued to bring Shaun into the fold. The fact that we’re able to do so – and it’s a solid number – is pretty cool given how ‘young’ we are.
Most importantly, we’ve made it this far because we’ve been able to partner with some kick-ass clients. And we’re really proud of the work we’ve been able to deliver with them. Here are a few highlights:

We owe a massive thanks to the brilliant network of industry experts we work with – you know who you are and you’re incredible.

Separately, our ‘talent orchestration model‘ has been validated and embraced by clients who love the fact we bring the right people to the project, rather than charge them for unnecessary headcount.


We also just signed a lease, which is equally scary and exciting, on our new office space at 101 Collins. (When you pop in, you won’t be surprised why the space looks so good – Shaun has managed it all and respectfully told me I’m not required for any decisions.)


And if all that wasn’t enough, I kicked off the Content Leaders Academy with great mates Andres Lopez-Varela and Trevor Young – Brisbane, Canberra and Perth, we’ll see you in a few months.

Two drinks clinging together side by side

What I've learnt about myself and building a business

This last year has been the best of my career. I love what I’m doing, am constantly learning, being challenged, and unleashing my entrepreneurial spirit.

My old boss – and the best leader I’ve ever seen – John Rizzo once described me as a “builder”. By this, he meant that I like setting an audacious goal, and then building the strategy, team, and operating model, as well as driving the change, to bring the vision to life.


He rightly points out that once it becomes business as usual, I’d start agitating for my next challenge.


John’s spot on, and this mentality suits being a consultant down to a tee. Does ULab do execution and day-to-day? Yes we do, but we have the luxury of getting people more skilled than I to manage this.


I’ve loved building this business and dedicating a considerable amount of time to it – something most small business owners can attest to.


And it would be remiss of me not to say a big thanks to my lovely partner P, who has shouldered a huge amount of effort on the home-front so I can grow the business. If I’m honest, a lot of ULab’s success is due to her unwavering support.


But I’ve also realised that business isn’t the be-all and end-all.


Baby number one, and the family, dog and support network around us, are the most important.

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