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Partnering with my ‘professional crush’: the Content Marketing Institute

I love the Content Marketing Institute and I’m honoured to be a judge on their 2019 Awards - the most extensive and longest-running international content marketing program in the world.

Everyone who is remotely interested in content marketing – and it’s a fair assumption you are given you’re reading this – would have heard of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).


The CMI is the leading global content marketing thought leader. It pretty much singlehandedly created, nurtured, and gave credibility to the industry as we know it today.

I have a crush on you bright neon sign

Much of the organisation’s success is due to its co-founder, Joe Pulizzi – a bona fide content superstar and evangelist.  


With Joe at the helm, the CMI has become renowned for helping teach enterprise brands to learn how to attract and retain customers through multi-channel, multi-platform storytelling.

I have a professional ‘crush’ on the CMI, and most of the people that lead it. And I’ve wanted to be involved with it for some time now.

Last year, I had an opportunity to speak at their most prominent annual event Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio.


It was a cracking opportunity, but the birth of my son two weeks earlier meant the decision not to attend was a no brainer. 

Content Marketing Awards stars align

This year, I’m honoured to announce the CMI/Matt Allison stars have aligned in a completely different way; and I’ll be a judge on their 2019 Content Marketing Awards.

The awards are the most extensive and longest-running international content marketing program in the world, and they recognise the best of the best content marketing projects, agencies, and marketers in the industry.
I unashamedly steal ideas from the luminaries that win them each and every year. And to be provided with an opportunity to both help shape, as well as dig under the hood of some of the winners, is truly inspiring.

CMA application deadlines

It goes without saying that I encourage you to apply. If you’re up for it, here are the key dates:

And even though I haven’t seen a single entry yet, here’s the critical element I’ll be awarding top marks for: submissions that show how the strategy enables business goals, and the execution delivers them.
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