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Let’s talk marketing podcast: Matt Allison on brand experience, sales and purpose

Matt joins EY’s cracking ‘Let’s Talk Marketing’ podcast to discuss content-led engagement, sales funnels, market orientation, purpose-led profit and everything in between.

Matt was in the hot seat on EY’s ever-popular ‘Let’s Talk Marketing’ podcast recently. We’ve waxed lyrical about it previously – it’s a cracker – and have interviewed host Adam Fraser.
In short, ‘Let’s Talk Marketing’ secures the best global thinkers and deep-dives on the issues we all grapple with every day.
We haven’t included the full transcript (because it’s 13 pages long!).

the TLTR version is below:

  • Market orientation and building connection points that marry together customer needs and your product or services.
  • The difference between a marketing and customer-led strategy
  • Binet and Fields’ research shows emotional campaigns are far more effective and profitable in the long-term than they are functional.
  • We can’t ask the customer to specifically develop the product service or offering to meet their need, but they’ll undoubtedly communicate unmet needs or pain points.
  • How to unpack what the commercial outcomes we’re trying to drive are – and then map segments to deliverables.
  • How to integrate customers, thought leadership, marketing, data and automation
  • How to be relentlessly relevant to customers – when and where they need you.
  • The importance of social proof, as well as community forums and ratings.
  • The fact there’s plenty of brands we’re aware of, but we have no affinity with and will never purchase their products.
  • The sales funnel is as accurate today as it’s ever been – it’s just more nuanced.
  • The importance of using brand DNA and experience across your end-to-end operations.
  • How to demonstrate your purpose in a commercially savvy way that delivers strong business outcomes.
  • How to create short-term profit while building your brand in the long-term.
  • The fact that I still think of myself as an inhouse person, which I’m quite obviously not.
  • Developing fantastic strategies and executing well is table stakes. The real art is being able to help people navigate and embed change. That includes securing buy-in from senior and diverse stakeholders and then refining the work based on that feedback.
  • The largely – and rightly – tactical marketing response to COVID-19.
Looking back, we definitely covered some ground. I’m pretty sure we solved all of marketing’s problems – if not send me a burning question and you’ll get my honest, unfiltered view.
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