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Anthea Georgiou

Q&A with Anthea Georgiou: a PR prodigy who drives growth

Anthea’s passion for PR is infectious and she’s already delivering impressive media coverage for clients.

Much of her success comes down to her mindset and commitment to accelerating “growth” for clients. 

She achieves this by truly understanding our clients’ needs

Q&A with Emily McHenry: marketing’s creative young gun

Despite being a young gun, Em is wise beyond her years. Some might even suggest she’s (far) more mature than several ULab colleagues! But we digress.


Em is renowned for her unwavering customer focus, creativity, exuberance and marketing smarts.




Q&A with Tracy McBeth: the content virtuoso

Tracy is the face and name many of our clients look to for world-class content. Her ability to map a compelling story arc and seamlessly deliver it across print and video is second to none.


She earned her stripes in


Q&A with Simone Lenneberg: the purposeful matchmaker

Simone Lenneberg’s innate ability to identify an audience’s emotional drivers and meld a cohesive paid, owned and earned strategy has seen her become one of Queensland’s most respected content marketers.


The breadth of her 20-year career – spanning content marketing,


Q&A with Nicola Swankie: a commercially-savvy social media pro

Nicola Swankie is one of Australia’s most accomplished social media professionals. But her journey to social domination has been anything but ordinary.


After studying computing science, working at a big bank and throwing it in to join a leading creative

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