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Esteemed US management consultant and author Patrick Lencioni wrote one of the more insightful articles on corporate values almost 20 years ago.

In Make your values mean something, he stated: “Most values statements are bland, toothless, or just plain

With almost a decade of experience in public relations, both in Australia and overseas, Neha Lokesh possesses a laser-sharp instinct for establishing and enhancing brand presence and positioning.



Neha lives – personally and professionally – by the same commitment to

Modified based on the original article published by Aquent on 9 November 2022.


In the land of content marketing, everyone’s an expert.


Except they’re not.

In order to help a business to connect with customers and create content that leads

Whether you’re a small or medium enterprise (SME), or a listed goliath, national or global company, tech trends will impact your business at some stage in the next 12 months.

Are you ready for them?


We round up the biggest

A content operation is a hungry beast with myriad moving parts. Getting it off the ground requires a SWAT team of star players who can hone your message and execute your strategy. But first up, you’ll need to know what

Nidhi – or Nids to those who know her – is an end-to-end data and digital marketing force.


She began her career as a web designer for a digital marketing start-up in Singapore, but it wasn’t long before she rose


Ubiquity Lab today announced a new appointment to its growing agency. Nidhi (Nids) Rajan joins as Director of Digital & Performance.


Since launching in 2018, Ubiquity Lab has disrupted the market with its distinct offering – a data-led

Anthea’s passion for PR is infectious and she’s already delivering impressive media coverage for clients.

Much of her success comes down to her mindset and commitment to accelerating “growth” for clients. 

She achieves this by truly understanding our clients’ needs

If brands could build a definitive persona that revealed everything a consumer cares about when they’re considering whether to use, buy or trust a product – without any actual human involved in the process – life would be exponentially easier

Originally published by Henry Stewart Publications, The Journal of Brand Strategy, 10(3) on 1 January 2022.

How can a brand go from being the most recognised in its category to winning consumers’ hearts? That was the challenge faced by

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